Diorama       Real-Time DRM Receiver for Matlab

Andreas Dittrich, Torsten Schorr
University of Kaiserslautern, Institute of Telecommunications, D-67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany


Diorama is a complete open-source real-time software Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) receiver written for Matlab.
"Diorama" is not only a kind of anagram for Ma(tlab) radio. The word "diorama" stems from ancient Greek "dia" for "through" and "horan" for "look".
Accordingly with Diorama it is possible to "look through" the surface of a software DRM receiver at each time and discover how it is working.


  • Real-time radio
    including text message decoding, Journaline(R) news service and web page broadcasting
  • Supports matlab version 5.2 (release 10) and higher
  • Optional graphical user interface for settings, control and display options
  • Online display of input spectrum, synchronization variables, channel estimation,
    constellations and SNR at each carrier
  • Most variables are accessible in the workspace at every time
  • Optional file input mode (for now only 48kHz sampling rate supported)
  • Recording of input data and of decoded audio stream
  • Fast channel switching time
  • Usefull Matlab-utilities included:
    wavplayex - continous (asynchron) playing of audio-sample-blocks (Linux & Win32)
    wavrecordex - continous (asynchron) recording of audio-sample-blocks (Linux & Win32)
    clockex - same as clock but more precise
    sleep - replacement for pause
    ... and other cool stuff not mentioned here

Screenshot of signal information window and control window (click on image to enlarge)

See more screenshots (e.g. channel estimation, constellations, SNR spectrum, desktop)



2006-Feb-17: released Diorama-1.1.1
- minor bug fixes, GUI enhancements

2005-Oct-18: released Diorama-1.1.0
- GUI improvements, new structured code, ready for stand-alone version

2005-May-13: released Diorama-1.0.1b
- minor bug fixes - have a look at changes.txt

2005-May-03: released Diorama-1.0.1
- new: signal information window
- support of stereo
- some minor changes and bug-fixes - see a complete list in changes.txt

2005-Mar-24: released Diorama-1.0.0


(Andreas Dittrich, Torsten Schorr)

University of Kaiserslautern
Institute of Telecommunications (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralph Urbansky)
Postfach 3049
67653 Kaiserslautern (Germany)














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